Way And Love Style For Long Ejaculation

Women’s satisfaction (orgasm) depends not only on the length or the short size of the male genitals, but depends on several factors that mutually support conditions, including; mood during sexual intercourse, ambience during intercourse, stimulation of stimulation points (G Spot), male genital violence, and most importantly the length of time a man maintains an erection until ejaculation.

The problem of men who are least able to withstand ejaculation because of the great pleasure felt by the brain due to the sensation of a soft clamp but gripping from the vagina so that the signal for ejaculation is sent quickly to your penis to spit out sperm. If after entering 20 times and entering the normal category, if it is less than 20 times called premature ejaculation, and this is the topic of our discussion this time.

I want to share my personal experience after consulting a doctor who is an expert in the theory of prolonging ejaculation about the way and style of love to prolong ejaculation. The results are very strong, now I can manage when I want to ejaculate, if time is very limited, 30 minutes is enough to ejaculate, if the relaxing time of 3 hours is the right time to make one ejaculate but make the couple repeatedly orgasm.

Following tips and tricks based on personal experience, consult a doctor:

  1. Eat lots of foods that contain substances that facilitate blood flow to your penis, including those that have passed laboratory tests are: green tea, broccoli, cauliflower, watermelon, and celery.
  2. Diligent exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, tennis, badminton, table tennis, yoga, gymnastics, golf etc.) in a minimum duration of 1 hour, this is important to maintain stamina when making love with a partner.
  3. Adjust your breathing and mind concentration well, so that it is not in vain during penetration or when wrestling with a partner. With breathing control and concentration, the maximum resistance when making love can be achieved. If your woman is very beautiful and charming and her sex game is so great, so that a man is unable to restrain himself and is threatened with premature ejaculation, immediately imagine the attachment that is making love to him. This trick often works and extends male endurance.
  4. Exercise is perfect. To get quality sex goals with a partner, so that ejaculation can last a long time, and the couple reaches a double orgasm, men can improve exercise before the actual day’s match. Exercise can be done in many ways, including doing your own service in a room or bathroom or doing it with a debate partner. After practicing hard and successfully achieving the desired time target, build your confidence, that you can satisfy your partner and make himself kneel and open your thighs in front of you.
  5. Don’t hesitate to use sex toys. Stimulate couples with sex toys. When your partner has held back favors, men can rest with sex toys and complete the mission of making multiple orgasms with your penis. It does not take long after the penis is inserted, the woman will shout for pleasure that will be heard up to a radius of 5 km if her mouth is not covered with a man’s lips.
  6. If the above method is still not successful, and premature ejaculation cannot be avoided, then the only way is to take strong drugs and we strongly recommend that you use Vimax from official website vimax.co.id.

Why must Vimax?

Vimax is a natural herbal medicine that has very complex benefits that cover all the problems of men who deal in beds. Vimax is useful as a drug to enlarge male genitals, increase the size and size to be longer, efficacious to treat all sexual problems in men, strengthen the erection to be bigger, hard to the maximum, increase strength during intercourse so that it can last longer in delaying premature ejaculation. Vimax is made from 100% herbal plant extracts from all over the world and is the best discovery of leading experts and doctors in Canada, resulting in a blend of traditional herbal ingredients that are modernized with the right dose of composition and proven, clinically tested and accurate in size vital tool, improving male sexual health is also very safe to consume without side effects.

Vimax is very appropriate for consumption as a daily supplement for adult men who want strength and improve sexual performance to be more excellent when in bed with a confident appearance and able to give satisfaction to the couple to the top of orgasm. Cause of benefits after consuming Vimax regularly every day for 2-3 months it will get very amazing results as expected, namely the size of the genitals grow larger and also long, changes in muscle mass become bigger harder and stronger so as to make erections tighter too able to last long while having sex.

Benefits of Vimax herbal medicine:

  • Increase the size of male genitals with natural processes.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the male vital organs.
  • Increase libido & sex drive.
  • Increases muscle mass to enlarge.
  • Increases stamina & energy so it’s not easy to get tired.
  • Increase your confidence.

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